Advancements Abound in Armenia

Spitak, Armenia


2nd Women’s Parenting Course

We are very glad to tell you that the second “Parenting Course” launched this month. With the help of English friends in Armenia, we received the training material and translated everything into Armenian for each participant. Each course is meant for six to eight participants for seven weeks.


Many of the women in Spitak struggle with family hardships and these weekly meetings create a safe space for them to be free of everyday concerns and focus on their and their children's needs. As family abuse is a big issue in the region, we discuss the effects it can leave on little ones' future lives and development. Together, the women find ways to be more loving and caring parents who exercise proper discipline.


Sewing Project

As the sewing project progressed, more women in the community were interested in gaining sewing skills. Hence, the previous participants expressed willingness to teach their skills to others. At the moment, there are three women registered and they started a two-month express course. 


Guitar Lessons

We are glad to be offering guitar lessons for young people and already have a number of them registered. The first group lesson is planned for January. 


Iranian Refugee Family

We met this lovely couple from the neighbouring country Iran. They have three young children and are presently refugees facing many financial and social difficulties. This winter, they need warm clothing and food. Some of you might be eager and able to designate funds to help them!


Dear friends, thank you for all your support,

We love you!


Tamara and Sam

GHNI TCD Workers