Affording Education for Children

Gem Village, Kenya


GHNI has led the way in bringing lasting transformation to several villages and using the principles of Transformational Community Development (TCD) which have proven themselves effective in five major areas of human need: Water, Food, Education, Income Generation and wellness. We achieved this--not just by ourselves--but with support from our donors, village partners, the committee, and community at large.


In Gem Village, it is always a proud and great moment for us to hear stories of success from our youth as they share their personal experiences and triumphs. Juma is one such of the microloans entrepreneurs. He runs a donkey cart business (waterselling) in a neighbouring village. “[Before the soft loan from GHNI], we could not manage to eat properly or live even a moderate life. Finding school materials like books and uniforms for our children was difficult.”


Juma lives with his wife, their five children and two orphans, who they look after. They are subsistence farmers, so they rely on what their land can produce to eat. Often, this wasn’t enough, and the family went hungry. His wife works as a housemaid in a rich man’s home, meaning that Juma is the primary breadwinner. With seven people financially dependent on him, Juma’s small donkey cart wasn’t making enough to provide for the family. 


Juma joined our Okole self-help loan group with the aim of expanding his water selling business. He needed to be able to provide better for his family. With the support and education given, this is what he has done. Juma has learnt how to make a business plan, conduct market research, and understand the importance of saving. The loan and Juma’s new skills have meant that his business has grown and he now has two more partners. 


Today, Juma sells his water far and wide in over three villages where water is scarce, which has increased his sales and income. Because of his business success, Juma, using the capital his business has brought in, has been able to send all seven of their children to school and has been able to expand his business market. 


GHNI National Field Leader