Blog: Afghanistan

Art in the Garden

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


Times are going well in the Garden of Peace and Hope, as I regularly schedule exhibitions each month. In late July, I had another exhibition of art drawings, including 54 works of art for peace. Despite the extreme heat of summer, we hosted an event at 4:00 pm. It was a good time, and many people still visited the exhibition for two more days.


Hope Overflowing

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


In July, our Garden of Peace and Hope looks fresh and beautiful with blooming roses. The Garden was calm and peaceful with no exhibitions in June due to Ramadan. In the coming months, I have scheduled four to five exhibitions. I am waiting for the gallery building to be prepared for the staff to move in soon. Everything is going well in the Garden with super-hot summer days.


New Poplar Tree Planting

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan


Once again, GHNI has started to grow and demonstrate the Hybrid Poplar Tree Project in the Yakawlang region. Local people were coming annually to ask for new kinds of poplars, which grow fast and are adaptable to the local climate.


“Smile” Exhibit Draws Large Crowds

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


In April, we made big changes in the Garden of Peace and Hope. We replaced some damaged flower beds and plated new flowers. So, on the first of this month, I held an exhibition (reported previously) and planned another exhibition for April 29. Unfortunately, this exhibition was canceled because the government announced security concerns. I rescheduled the event for May 1st.


The Garden Blanketed in Snow

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


A cold winter has set in here at the Garden of Peace and Hope and snow covers the Garden as the weather gets colder every day. Our first event of the year was a drawing exhibition on New Year’s Day. Lots of people visited the exhibition for three days. The next exhibition planned had to be canceled due to heavy snow.


Planning Time

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan


We wish to start a new tree and water project in Bamyan Province, because we are often asked to do so by the local government, which appreciates our contribution and training. It is the right time to rent a plot for the new tree project, for by spring there will no longer be any available.


For these reasons, we thank those who are partnering with us to provide help and hope to the hidden and hurting.


Winterizing the Garden

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan

Here in the Garden of Peace & Hope, the winter season has started and the weather is getting colder day by day. During the fall, I removed all pumps from inside the pools and covered them with plastic to be protected from freezing in winter. In addition, the gardener removed flowers and trees that did not thrive and trees that did not flower. As for programs, I (*Karem) am going to have my own exhibition in the next week.