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Fall Art Festivals

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan

Here in Afghanistan, the weather is getting colder day by day and everything is going well at the Garden of Peace and Hope. This week we were supposed to have an exhibition for the Day of Art Festival with the National Gallery, Art Department, and Ministry of Information & Culture, but due to some governmental issues, it was postponed to the coming weeks.


Showcasing Young Female Artists

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan

Here, in the Garden of Peace and Hope, things are going well. Our September exhibition was of works by three girls who started drawing in recent years. They are very optimistic that the Garden will exhibit their works in front of many people to help them be known.


Coaching Farmers of Poplar Trees

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

The poplar tree project in the Valley of Ali is continuing to grow. After distribution of 25,000 poplar cuttings last spring, we didn't have any major activities in this location.


Freshening Up the Garden

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


The Garden of Peace and Hope is a place filled with the rays of hope of the people. People come here to view every exhibition. Unfortunately, that scheduled for July 24 was canceled due to a demonstration.


Rapid-Growing Poplars

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan


Lately, I visited Yakawlang, where we have distributed almost 25,000 hybrid poplar tree cuttings to the local farmers. These people never knew about hybrid poplars before, but within the past seven years, we distributed tens of thousands to help reforest this region.


International Children’s Day

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan

Intro: The artwork reflected a hopeful and peaceful message for the people.


Fast-Growing Hybrid Poplars

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

People in Bamyan province took notice of the new hybrid poplars that are a model and experimental tree in their area. Every year we see numerous farmers coming to receive cuttings. They have seen the poplar as a useful tree, suitable in the cold climates where they grow faster.


Beauty and Refreshment in the Garden

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan

It’s the beautiful season of the year, especially at Garden of Peace and Hope. Every day, it is very green and flowers are blooming with their soft smell. When people entered this green garden, they were enjoying and breathing the freshest scents.

Supporting the Community through Art

Garden of Peace and Hope, Afghanistan

April 30 was a great day here! We had an exhibition full of participants, including young children, teenagers, adults and many artists and cultural activists. The drawing exhibition was held in the west of Kabul (Dasht-e-Barchi) at Asia Culture House (ACH). More than four artists’ works were publicly exhibited. This drawing exhibition was by female artists exhibiting women’s life in community.

Ready to Begin Again

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

Seeing the value of hybrid trees, the people of Yakawlang District in Bamyan wish to earn income by planting poplar trees. They realized the poplar hybrid is a useful tree that grows faster and is suitable in their cold climate. Our focus is to educate people on how to plant and grow poplars, and then they teach their neighbors.

The GHNI-Afghanistan Team
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