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Solar Cooker Businesses Grow

Solar Cookers, Afghanistan

Solar cookers have had a good impact in Yakawlang District and Bamyan Province. They are popular to sell and distribute because so many people have benefited. Within a few years, those who started to manufacture solar cookers and sell them for businesses became self-sustainable.

So far, we distributed 86 of the solar cookers from the last shipment. Sales are slowing down since there are now other suppliers. We expect to finish distributing the last solar cookers by next month.

School Well Installed

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

Work on the school is nearly complete. The construction company that is building the school is working to install the pump for the school's well and also the classroom furniture that every school needs. The well is necessary so that the students can draw water to use.

A Sunny Solution in the Hunt for Fuel

A Typical Scene:

Sunrise, and clots of clouds scud over the sere Afghani landscape as figures - mostly women, children, and a few old men leading donkeys - trek a dusty distance to dig dry scrub for fire fuel. The bundles are heavy and scratchy on their backs and often obscure the bodies of the smallest, youngest human beasts of burden. It is a long, exhaustive, dangerous (think assault, rape, and kidnapping) duty for the most vulnerable ...

Solar Cookers Transform a Province


GHNI distributed hundreds of solar cookers in Yakawlang District in Bamyan province and district neighborhoods in the last few years. Solar cookers have had a good impact on the life of these people who never knew about solar cookers.

After our solar cooker distributions in Yakawlang , some people learned about them and took initiative to make the solar cookers and sell them to the local people. Soon, many more businessmen and other NGOs started to supply solar cookers in different parts of Afghanistan.

Poplar Tree Success Impacts Village

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

The trees in the Valley of Ali look very beautiful in summer. Our staff members and local farmers taking care of the trees irrigate and give fertilizer every year in June.

Finishing Touches Added to New School

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

The school in Sheldon Village will be completed soon. We just came back from an inspection a few days ago, and fortunately I saw that many things have been done. Windows, doors, and glass have been installed, and the company brought a well machine to dig a well just in front of the school.

A Win-Win Partnership

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan

Recently, GHNI entered into an agreement with the National Gallery of Afghanistan. The Ministry of Culture and Information has decided to renovate the Gallery. The repairs became necessary because just a short time ago there were fears that the building was going to collapse, and it was condemned. However, after further inspection, it was determined that the building could be salvaged.

Gaining from Computer Skills

*Bendall Village, Afghanistan

Students who have learned computer skills in our center are now able to go to Bazaar and find jobs to earn better incomes for themselves. More than a hundred girls and boys benefited from our computer center.

At this time, people in this area have great concern for their safety and their lives. Due to kidnappings and attacks from radical groups, we may have to limit our activities or relocate them. We will keep you posted in the future.

The GHNI-Afghanistan Team

School Near Completion

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

Anticipation continues. The people of Sheldon Village, especially their children, want their school to be inaugurated. We asked the construction crew when they expect to finish the work and it’s still in discussion. We are working toward the completion in order to keep our word to our partners. It is our hope to open this school soon for these villagers. Once the school opens, the children of Sheldon will no longer have to walk two to four hours to another school outside their village.

Making Life More Sustainable

Solar Cookers, Afghanistan

Those who have solar cookers enjoy cooking food on it for themselves. It has made their life easier, especially since they no longer travel far to gather bushes to burn, just to cook food and boil water. We hope to sell the remainder of the solar cookers soon. We look forward to beginning new projects when this project is finished.

The GHNI-Afghanistan Team