Blog: Afghanistan

Flooded with Students

Our Women’s Empowerment Centers (WEC) are run very well by our GHNI staff. The girl and boy students continue to regularly come to learn English. Now that the girls and boys are in the class together, they are enthusiastically attending in two class times. Those who are good in English come in first, and then others who are weaker come to the second class. 


Boys and Girls Inspired to Learn

Women’s Empowerment Centers, Afghanistan


In November, the English class in the Women’s Empowerment Center (WEC) doubled in size because the boys grew interested to join our English class. Now our teacher Layla holds two class times. She tested the boys, and the first class is composed of the boys and girls who are more familiar with English. The second class is held for others who know little English.


Illuminating Undiscovered Local Artists

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


This fall, we hosted another art exhibition in the Garden of Peace and Hope. More than one hundred visitors attended the exhibition, including the deputy of ministry and some other officials. The works of seven young artists were displayed for two days in this exhibition featuring more than 45 paintings.


Warming Up to Lessons

Women’s Empowerment Centers, Afghanistan


Samania, our GHNI staff person in our Women’s Empowerment Center (WEC) has conducted a survey and held meetings with local women in Bamyan. This was in order to begin literacy, health, and midwifery lessons, of which the latter two were their favorites.


Giving Tuesday is Today!

The day we've been waiting for has finally arrived! Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to become a more committed supporter of GHNI. As a reminder, there are 3 easy ways you can join in the movement today and help villagers end their extreme poverty: 

1. Give

Every gift makes a big impact! For example, did you know just $10 can provide gardening equipment for a family to grow their own food? Or that just $25 can provide a pair of chickens?

Identifying Educational Needs

I visited the Women’s Empowerment Center (WEC) in Azhdar this week. It was cold, and I saw some snowfall in Bamyan. Within three days, I had different meetings with local people, our staff, and the students. The students are coming daily, but, unfortunately, some of the students left the class because their parents declined to give them the 250 AFN (about $3) needed for the starter book.


Additionally, the students are concerned about early coldness this year. When they enter the center at 3:30, it’s not sunny so some of them feel cold.


Changing Seasons

Autumn has arrived here in the Garden of Peace and Hope. The garden still looks green in autumn with beautiful roses. Although we had some problems, like having no water for almost two weeks due to a water pump problem, we have found some solutions.


Helping Where We Are Able

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


In August, we were unable to hold an exhibition due to an unfortunate happening related to a recent exhibit on the west of Kabul. One of the artists, who had planned to participate in the exhibition, had a relative killed in an accident. Also, some artists who participated in our exhibitions last year had their gallery close, recently.


Overcoming Poverty Through Education

Women’s Empowerment Centers, Afghanistan


The people in the Bamyan region are poor, and the women were trying to find some income to help their families. They are uneducated and don’t have any work skills except some embroidery and handicrafts. Most of these women were not able to pay 60 afghani (about $0.80) for the taxi to get themselves to the local bazaar in central Bamyan. Some of them were walking and it would take two hours to walk there and back home.