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Characterized by Hard Work

Koubah Bingo locals are elated that very soon they will have additional sources of revenue coming to their community and to some individual families, in addition to subsistence farming, which is their mainstay. Hoping to be happy beneficiaries of the Milling/Grinding Machine Project, the locals were motivated to put up a building to house the machine after they discovered a previously existing building earmarked to house the machine is too small for that purpose. It’s the first time such team spirit was seen at work in Koubah.



Event in Colorado: Learn How to Use TCD

If you are interested in humanitarian or mission work, helping impoverished communities transform themselves from hopeless to prosperous...

Then join us at the Transformational Community Development (TCD) Training, Jan. 25-27, 2019 in Colorado Springs!

TCD is a low cost, low tech model to train poor villages to become hope-filled, self-sustaining villages.

TCD is a method of development that teaches a community to:

Vision for Change

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Legesse is living in Harowayo Village. He is married and has three children. Before he joined the Transformational Community Development (TCD) Agriculture Group, most months he was traveling to Kenya, passing over the border to look for jobs and to earn money to support his wife and children. This kind of life was hard for him and his family.