Blog: Africa

Aspects of Life

Breaking Barriers of Isolation

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt

Shosha is a poor village in Menya (upper-Egypt) where women are suffering from ignorance, lack of medical services, domestic violence, and the prevailing culture, which reduces the value of women. We started Community Development Education (CDE) classes for woman last year. There is a change in the women's health and habits, and they share about their families. They asked their husbands to attend this kind of class, so we started monthly meetings for couples - which is amazing.

Good Things are Happening in Children!

Helwan Village, Egypt

Be encouraged for the change that we see among the children. John, who is six years old, now does not say any bad words and does not use any insulting words. He didn’t reply to an insult with an insult. Instead, he replied, “May God forgive you, for your insult or hit.”

Effective Agriculture Conference

Saneba Village, Burkina Faso

In the past month, six of our partners in Burkina Faso attended a strategic Western Africa conference on farming and agriculture, organized by a key partner. This partner specializes in nutrition, farming, and agricultural techniques.

Maximizing the Dry Season with Adult Education

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

The months of February, March and early April are usually devoid of farming activities in virtually all the Northern parts of Nigeria. These months separate the last farming season from the next one. Being predominantly farmers, village populace await the onset of another rainy season during this period.

Big Hope from A Goat Loan

Tuka Village, Ethiopia

Mare is living in Tuka Village. She is 35 years old and has three children. Mare is one of the women’s business group members. She is very active in many areas, and is one of GHNI’s goat loan beneficiaries. Before one and a half years ago, she received 2,500 Birr (about $120 ) and bought three female goats. Two of them gave birth to twin kids (baby goats), and the other one had just one baby. Total now, she has eight goats, and has already paid back all the money loan.

Working for Their Own Success

Bulesa Dima Village, Kenya

Success in Transformational Community Development (TCD) is initiated by those from within the community who feel the need for growth and change for their life. We have realized in many instances the poverty we are trying to eradicate is more mental than physical. When their mentality changes, everything around them changes. Through our TCD programs and training, we have changed the community from hopelessness to transformed persons.

One Woman Made It Happen

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

Due to Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons about education, fruit has been born in Ola Nagele Village from the discussions. Reasoning together with the community, we helped them see that the lack of education they faced within the community was not ultimately the government’s problem, nor anybody else’s, but the community’s.

Gaining a Marketable Skill

Attir Village, Kenya

Attir is our fifth village where we started our Transformational Community Development (TCD) program. Many of their youth dropped out of school and sometimes don’t even graduate to secondary school due to the fees problem. Girls end up in early marriages and unnecessary pregnancy, and boys engage themselves in drug abuse which destroys their lives. As a result, they become helpless, without hope for future generations.

A Restored Dream

Shambani Village, Kenya

During our visit to Shambani Village, we challenged the community to take serious the importance of education and bringing up young men with vision for their village. This young man, Boniface, approached us and shared with us his dilemma in life--how he ended up on the street with no help or hope. He is an orphan, and he lost both of his parents due to HIV and AIDS some years back. Boniface ended up living with his grandmother, who is aging and almost dying.