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Together They Can Bring Change

Garmaam Village, Ethiopia

Garmaan Village is one of the exemplary places for our Transformational Community Development (TCD) work. Last week there was a meeting in the village with all the villagers attending. One of the discussion points was how the TCD activity in the village has brought great transformation.

Train Robber to Truck Driver

Alishow Village, Ethiopia

Meet Jamal, one of the beneficiaries in Alishow Village. He is 40 years old, married, and has four children. He and his group members dug three water ponds and expanded their farm. One month ago, Jamal got 15,000 Birr (almost $740) from selling tomatoes and cabbage.

Dedicated to Diversification

Tuka Village, Ethiopia

I introduced you to Tuno in a recent update a few months ago. I want to say more about this person. Tuno is a very strong person and he is working hard every time. He is closely working with the Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers and asking different questions.

Not Too Old to Learn

Mudiyambo Village, Ethiopia

Oditu is a widow who is excited about the future. She is 58 years old and she has 8 children--all are married. Oditu has lived alone for the last ten years. Although she is considered old in her community, she is a very hard worker. She always says she will not give up and she still considers herself strong. We have seen this reality.

Lessons for Life

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

In continuing to serve the villagers of Ezbit el Nakhl, we have arranged for many different lectures on the following subjects: “Success “, “The Importance of Reading”, “Giving”, and “How to Improve Your Skills through Drawing and Painting.” Also, we have provided a video along with each lecture to demonstrate what we’re teaching.

Sewing Progress Report

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt

This month we did some maintenance work on all the sewing machines to help the seamstresses get better results.  Here are some updates on the ladies’ work so you can rejoice with us as you capture a glimpse of what is going on our side. It is exciting!

Hayat: She did well with project. She opened a small grocery shop and put the sewing machine beside the grocery shop to work on both.

Bringing Light

Helwan Village, Egypt

In the beginning of January, we visited a centre we had last visited on May 15th with Omar and David. We were arranging to launch the opening to include everybody in our joy. We offered cake and Coca Cola to guests, but because the place has not enough space to gather all people at one time, we divided them into groups. It was a wonderful time. Most of the people who live in the region came to the opening and recognized us, which brought joy to the team’s heart.

Pursuing Education

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

In Dogon Gada Village, farming is considered the most important occupation anyone could engage in. Everyone, young and old, male and female, is involved in farming. However, we see that with the coming of Transformational Community Development (TCD), the times are changing in Dogon Gada Village.