Blog: Africa

Failure to Success

Garmaam Village, Ethiopia

Zemzem is living in Garmaam Village with her husband and four children. Before she met the Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers, she tried to start several businesses and was never able to succeed. She could not make progress on her business. Two years ago, Zemzem met the TCD workers and she discussed with them if she could take the training. The TCD workers welcomed her and she joined other trainees.

The Banana King

Tuka Village, Ethiopia

Meet the Top Banana - I have been trying to meet Wakela several times, but unfortunately I could not meet him whenever I traveled to his village to see his strong work. Wakela lives in Tuka Village and he is 46 years old. He is married and has five children. I just had a very good time with him and I invite you to read the entire story.  

Bandit to Breadwinner

Alishow Village, Ethiopia

In his former life, Ali used to make a living from contraband.  Every day, his work and his life was at risk. Even when he was working, sometimes he would leave his family for more than a month. When he would return, his family was waiting for him to supply money for living expenses. More often than not, he would return home empty handed. All this changed when Ali got involved in Transformational Community Development (TCD).

Diyo’s Story of Transformation

Mudiyambo Village, Ethiopia

Diyo is one of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) group members in Mudiyambo Village. We wrote about her story in a previous report, but we recently had a very good time of discussion with her. She told us what has happened in her life since she joined the TCD group.

Choosing to Forgive

Helwan Village, Egypt

In seeking to offer hope to the children of this village, we had arranged a fun day for kids.  We also included teaching the kids more about order and organizing. We held a special celebration for Christmas, where we introduced the topic about love.

Seeds of Hope

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt

David, a young boy who participated in the Children’s Development Program (CDP), shares of his breakthrough:

Mobilizing the Workforce

Saneba Village, Burkina Faso

Working together, the villagers of Saneba are moving forward with what they’ve learned from TCD training. The Wellness Committee is mindful that this is a high-risk period when mosquitoes are prevalent in the village. They have been taking all the necessary precautions to help prepare the village. The Nutrition Committee is in the process of being established.