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Ethiopian Women Empowered through Farming

Women in Garmaam Village used to shoulder most of the family responsibilities, but all that is changing. Where men tended to avoid work and live off their wives’ income, the wives are now inspiring them to contribute to their families. Through Transformational Community Development (TCD), women in several Ethiopian villages formed farming cooperatives.

Women Helping Women

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

Mama Fatuma is 47 years old and the mother of four school-age children. Her life has not been easy since her husband divorced her and married another woman. She was all her children had to depend on, and at times left in darkness, not knowing where to start.

Town Hall Meeting in Garmaam

Garmaam Village, Ethiopia

Garmaam Village is one of the strongest (most successful) villages to implement Transformational Community Development (TCD). Last month there was a discussion among the five TCD committees (water, food, education, income generation, and wellness)to evaluate their activity over the last two years.

Farming Success

Tuka Village, Ethiopia

Tuno is 38 years old (though he doesn’t look it) and lives in Tuka. He is coached by our Transformational Community Development (TCD) worker, Wako. After he saw the other villagers benefit from TCD, Tuno asked Wako to help him learn. Wako helped him very much and Tuno bought one hundred mango trees from the TCD seedling center. They are growing very well and he recently harvested his first crop and got 17,000 Birr (nearly $850) in sales.

Teaching Preventive Health Care

Tuka Village, Ethiopia

Recently GHNI conducted a 15-day medical service program with our partner NGO. During this time, 1,850 people were served for dental, eye, and general medical needs. At the end of the clinic we donated 20,000 doses of medicine to the Haro Wayu post, near Tuka. All the communities were pleased with the service given by GHNI and our partner.

Farming Inspires Ethiopian Villagers

Alishow Village, Ethiopia

Inspired by Personal Enterprise

Kemal is a member of the agriculture/income committee in Alishow, a village within Megaladi.  He is 35 years old and has three children. Kemal loves to work. He is very strong and every day he is on his farm, working. He is also a group leader for the committee and encourages all members to work hard.

Learning for the Young and Old

Mudiyambo Village, Ethiopia

Learning on Full Bellies

Mudiyambo is one of GHNI’s project villages in Ethiopia, with an estimated 150 households. According to the village report, there are 750 children with parents. When GHNI started working in the village, the total attendance of children in the elementary school was 178. After we started work there, the attendance doubled. Now 390 children are in school.

Kindness Counts

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

In continuing to serve the villagers of Ezbit el Nakhl, we presented lessons covering wellness. One topic was “How to care for our outward beauty and appearance.” Other topics focused on “Know the value of what we have” and “Intestinal disease.”

We also sent out a medical convoy for three focuses: stomach, bones, and children’s health. About 275 men, women, and children were examined. All were given medicines. We had a collection of winter clothes to distribute as well.

A Well-Oiled (Sewing) Machine

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt

These are busy times in Ezbit el Amir Village. We did maintenance on nine sewing machines and all of them work very well. The project has been very successful with three ladies who want to expand their work with more machines.

One lady named Om Demiana sewed children’s dresses for a small factory in her area. Now working for herself, after one month she earned 1,200 EGP (about $170). She is very happy with her project.

Exponential Growth of Women’s Classes

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt

Although this village cluster is new to GHNI, a lot of work and successful transformational stories have been happening behind the scenes for a while. In Saft Al Laban Village, classes started with 20 ladies. Now there are 132 ladies attending weekly.