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Burkina Faso Gets Press

Saneba Village, Burkina Faso

In the past month, our main focus was to raise much-needed resources for Burkina Faso. I had the opportunity to serve as our representative to France as part of a fund development trip. This was my first trip to Europe, and I visited the cities of Dijon, Lyon, and Geneva to share about the transformation taking place in Burkina.

Farming Sparks New Ideas

Shambani Village, Kenya

Three Hundred Trees and Counting!

There has been very good progress in Shambani Village in terms of food production, increased confidence among school dropouts, and preventive wellness measures.

The GHNI team recently offered the community bean seeds to promote food production. Utilizing the rainy season as well as water from the dam, increased production will change the community’s lifestyle to one of agriculture rather than destroying nature by cutting down trees to burn charcoal.

Village Grows by Leaps and Bounds

As the villagers near the end of their Transformational Community Development (TCD) Journey, they can be proud of the work they’ve done and hopeful for the future. Lishanu, TCD Worker, is proud to share their progress with you.


Bounty Brings Hope

Bulesa Dima Village, Kenya

The community of Bulesa Dima was forgotten by many, including the government of Kenya and other helping agencies.

This is a highly challenged community. Occupation of the area is in contention among senior government officials for their personal interest. No one has had the courage to raise his voice for the poor pastoralists who lost all their livestock and had to settle for farming by a seasonal stream.  

A Busy Community Finds Hope

Attir Village, Kenya

Hope for Madam Rose and Her Infant

In recent months there has been a remarkable transformation in Attir Village in all five focus areas of Transformational Community Development (TCD)—wellness, education, water, micro-finance, and food.

Husbands and Wives Help their Families

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

Empowered Housewives

Virtually all the women in Dogon Gada Village are housewives who stay home all day. They do not engage in any form of trade or business. During the rainy season, they assist their husbands on the farm.

Discovering Confidence and Hope

Hope is spreading throughout Egypt as our team there recently began work in a cluster of villages in Upper Egypt. Villagers have already seen positive impact from the Transformational Community Development program as told by this young lady.

Setting an Example

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

Shade and Basiru took some time in August and September to teach several Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons on wellness in Dogon Gada Village. One of the main emphases was on the importance of clean water.  

No Longer Thirsting

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

Four years have gone by since GHNI considered bringing Transformational Community Development (TCD) to Ola Nagele Village. Among the many needs pointed out during our first interactions with the village was that of clean water. We made that our first project to save the lives of so many who were suffering from waterborne diseases.

Daring to Achieve Their Own Dreams

Bulesa Dima Village, Kenya

Bringing hope to the hopeless and help to those who need it most is the core mission of Global Hope Network International. But it must be sustainable—often the millions of funds given to communities as donations and big projects do not change their situation.