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Ethiopian Villages See Hope in the Horizon

In the midst of deep poverty, these two Ethiopian villages began GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) in hopelessness. Here are two snapshots of the transformed lives as the communities near the horizon of graduation from the program.

Hand-Washing Review

With a brand new primary school, students are anxious to attend every day. With a recent review of personal hygiene, as told by GHNI Nigeria leaders, this is all the more possible and has changed the lives of three young girls.

Eye Care Convoy

Helwan Village, Egypt

We have started implementation of a health plan throughout the El Zabaleen area, beginning with a special medical convoy for eyes in conjunction with another organization. The doctors came with all their devices, equipment, and medical necessities and did eye worksheets for 85 men, women, and children.

Women and Children Engage in Change

The dedication of the GHNI-Egypt team has proven fruitful, as explained through their recent update on women’s and children’s programs.

Ezbit el Nakhl, Egypt

“We presented awareness lessons in different fields to the ladies. About health, we talk about gout disease. About social, how to face financial problems. About emotional, we talk about turning bad choices to good choices. Also, educating about how to protect our children from risk and dangerous things such as electricity and fire.

“Love Your Enemies” … in Action

From the desk of GHNI’s Jeff Power, who has walked closely alongside the community of Gambella, Kenya, in their five-year journey with Transformational Community Development (TCD).  Jeff gladly shares this account of love, loss, and triumph in Kenya!

Attir, Kenya

We’ve all heard the powerful expression, “Love your neighbor.” It’s not ultimately a religious or philosophical statement, but rather a statement of need – it’s what NEEDS to happen to change the world.

Eager for Change

A hard-working village has eagerly begun working for lasting change in their community, according to the GHNI-Ethiopia. One of the villagers delivers a message of thanks and inspiration.

Garmaam, Ethiopia

“Garmaam has now begun the first harvest after the completion of the water irrigation project. The community is seeing a huge benefit from the project as well as the fruit of each group member working hard.

Sewing Machines Help Families

Work is beginning to happen in this new area of Egypt, according to the GHNI-Egypt team (pictured). They are excited to see how their first project will help families generate much-needed income.

Ezbit el Amir, Egypt

“During the past period we did several visits and interviews. By arranging with two local partnership foundations, we chose about 19 ladies to take the training to increase income by teaching them sewing. The other partnership foundation will make training and bring sewing machines for training.

Death to Survival

GHNI-Kenya recently provided us with this moving update on their work in Shambani Village. We couldn’t wait to share it with you!