Blog: Africa

Widow Makes a New Life for Her Family

Alishow Village, Ethiopia

Meet Mariya who lives in Alishow Village. She is a 35-year-old woman and has five children. Her husband was a soldier, but he died during the war between Ethiopia and Eretria. As a widow, she is all her children have to help fulfill their needs.

Lives Changed Economically, Emotionally, and Mentally

Mudiyambo Village, Ethiopia

Wariyo and Dida are both teen boys living in Mudiyambo Village. They are 16 and 17 years old, respectively. These two boys are members of our Transformational Community Development (TCD) Young Group.

Farming Close to Home and Children

Garmaam Village, Ethiopia

Semira is living in Garmaam Village, one of our successful villages doing Transformational Community Development (TCD). She is 38 years old and has three children.

Dreams Result from Seeds Sown

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt

Meet Salwa, mother of Mark, living in Ezbit el Amir Village. She is one of the women who took a sewing machine to participate in our sewing project for income generation. After we bought cloth for four ladies to sew bed sheets, she was encouraged to do the same, and Salwa learned how to sew bed sheets with help from the others ladies. She showed us four different bed sheets that she had sewed. She dreams of the project growing bigger so she can increase her income.

Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

This last quarter, we introduced a lesson about boundaries in relationships between family and friends. One thing they learned was that there should be privacy for each family member. At the lesson, it was shared that there was a problem between two ladies, Isis and Om Sami, who were relatives. There were many issues dramatically affecting them.

Popular Seminar on “Raising Teens”

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt

As usual, when the summer season and school holidays start, many mothers begin to complain about the problems with their children, especially those in their teens. This complaint is from mothers all throughout the community. That is why the Community Development Education (CDE) committee decided to do a large-scale seminar about "dealing with teenagers." It was taught by a specialist and titled "Raising Teenagers" as a seed project for the community's mothers.

Safe Homes and Healthy Children

Helwan Village, Egypt

A New Roof

Mohammed Saleh lives in the area called 15th of May. He is married and has one child. He and his family were living in a room made with limestone. Mohammed works in collecting and sorting garbage, trying to sell plastic, iron, paper, glass, and cloth that he finds in the garbage. His income hardly fulfills the needs of his family.

Entrepreneurship Classes and Growing Schools

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

Handwashing is an unpopular practice for a large majority of the rural and uneducated African populace. In Nigeria, particularly, some uneducated people eat without washing their hands at all and a majority rinse with only water. Just a small percentage use soap and water. Having sensitized the people of Dogon Gada Village and its cluster villages to the alarming rate at which diseases are spread by dirty hands, some of the villagers are deciding to change for the better.

Big Profit from Little Eggs!

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

Restoration of hope has been real and tangible among many poor and neglected people within the Ola Nagele community. For three years, GHNI has spearheaded life transformation there.