After the Flood

U Saun Taung Village, Myanmar

GHNI has begun work in the U Saun Taung area, where there has been devastation to infrastructure after the flood. The people were in great trouble during these hard times. The road and ten houses were destroyed. The village suffered a shortage of food and clean water. Twenty bags of rice and six water filters have been contributed to the village. The filters were placed in the two schools, and the bags of rice were shared with every home. These relief efforts helped the community grow more familiar with GHNI.

In the beginning of the year, the village had mentioned their desire to repair the old village school. It was encouraging to see the school building nearly finished. This was done using local funds and with the participation of the villagers over a few months. Now the villagers are aware of the importance to work together as a team. Therefore, the local Transformational Community Development (TCD) Village Development Committee has been set up by the members of thirteen villages. This committee will mobilize them to work as a team on the development of the community.


Thank You!

In response to the devastation of the flooding, GHNI has readily responded with immediate needs. Now, with TCD in place, their committee partnering with GHNI will help them rebuild their community. Please join in this disaster response effort with your financial donation today.