Agricultural Boom

Attir Village, Kenya


Attir farming family has completed almost  80% of its Transformational Community Development (TCD) progress. In Attir, villagers call it a farming family because they are a group of farmers working closely together, exchanging ideas and supporting each other. 


Successful farming was a desire that many villagers had never thought of. It all came to pass when GHNI started a coaching based programme and networked with other agricultural organisations in teaching and mentoring the villagers on how to use the available water for farming. It all sounded new to the ears of many people; some believed while others didn’t. GHNI started by mentoring a group of new farmers who were ready to venture into the activity.  Before long the villagers started enjoying the fruit of their labour. The method worked and people harvested a nice crop, enabling them to have enough food for their families and also it attracted new farmers to the area because they saw that farming worked and helped. 


GHNI continued coaching and this time around they taught about not only food crops but also cash crops like onions and tomatoes. Farmers were taught and guided, instructed about good fertilisers and appropriate farm practices. Farmers were really happy and followed each move that they were instructed in. After a season had passed, the farmers were happy because, while some harvested onions and others tomatoes, they all turned a profit after selling their harvest. They put their profit to good use in helping cater to their families. 


Monica is one of the farmers who harvested onions this season and she says that she returned a profit of thrice what she invested. This money she will use in extending her farm and to pay her children’s school fees. She is very happy and thankful to GHNI for the transformations seen in the village. She is really happy that GHNI is helping the hidden and hurting in her village.


Thank you,