Agriculture Changes Lives

Attir Village, Kenya


Attir Village is one of the communities advancing day by day with regard to farming since agricultural training was introduced through the help of GHNI. Most villagers in Attir didn’t know how to farm, but GHNI Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers intervened and educated them on how they can plant and earn a living through farming and not only through pastoralism. Villagers started planting and GHNI never stopped supporting them, providing them with seed and teaching them farming best practices. Farmers started out growing food crops such as beans, peas, maize, and sweet potatoes. When the crops matured, they were harvested and villagers found they had enough to feed their families. 


GHNI networked with agricultural organisations which also helped to improve farming in Attir. Farmers started planting not just food crops but also cash crops such as onions, tomatoes and watermelons. This has brought great economic stability to Attir, improving many of the villagers’ standards of living. GHNI taught them not only crop planting but also fruit tree cultivation, guiding them on how to care for the trees.


Mr. Losekon took quickly to this idea and he decided to plant paw paw because it was marketable and will contribute to a balanced diet in the community and even enable him to provide for his family. Paw paw is one of the fruits richest in vitamins which help boost the immune systems of people. Mr. Losekon has planted an acre of land and hopes for a great harvest. Mr. Losekon is thankful to GHNI for great support and the success being brought generally to villagers in Attir.


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