All Set Up to Sew

Ahumbe Village, Nigeria


The month of February 2019 was slated for the presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial elections in Nigeria. The elections came with tension, violence and even killings in several parts of the country, Benue State inclusive. In order to guarantee some measure of security, locals in Ahumbe Village minimised movement in and out as well as around the village and soft pedalled on a lot of activities. As a result, Moses, our TCD worker in Ahumbe was unable to carry out any activity with the local villages throughout the month.


Exciting progress was made with the Transformational Community Development (TCD) cluster expansion that Moses had initiated in the past couple of months. He has opened up two more communities in Benue State for TCD--first was Apir and, more recently, Zaki Biam. Both communities recently received donations of sewing and knitting machines. All Moses was able to do, working with the committees, was to acquire a room in the village to be used as a women’s empowerment centre where they set up the machines, waiting for when activities can return to normal and Apir women can commence sewing and knitting lessons.


That’s some progress! It’s a major step towards empowering women with little or no income in Apir as they acquire skills and, subsequently and invariably, gain opportunities for income generation in the near future.



GHNI National Field Leader