Alternatives to Alcohol Strengthen Community

Jatapara Village, India


In the past quarter, the focus has been to increase the income of the villagers. The Transformational Community Development (TCD) group of Jatapara Village is developing good incomes through alternatives to alcohol.


In the tribal community of Jatapara, most people earned money by selling liquor and they were not ready to try alternative ways to earn income. They earned around 150 rupees per day through alcohol sales and were content with that. It was very difficult to convince the villagers to sell other things, as they believe that liquor generates good income. They were not ready to accept the fact that dependence on alcohol hurts the community.


Now, TCD has brought change in the village. Women were convinced to sell pakoda, cholas, eggs, etc. in the evening to generate income. Now this is becoming a model for the village and an important step to uproot the liquor business. Priskila, Pakuti, Mantri, Rasik,and Shilvanti have opened a store to sell these food products. They are learning many things through TCD. Progress is being made!


The water tower, constructed through the help of the government, is running well. Water is pumped into the tank from the motor, which is installed on the roof of the tower. It runs on solar power and is a great blessing to the village! 


Through TCD, some families were able to plant mangoes last year. Since the mango trees are small, they are planted in courtyards as they do not take up much space. Mango trees are also planted in the cornfield, as there leaves act as biofertilizer and increase the fertility of the soil. The mango trees planted last year are already giving fruit. This year, they are planning to plant other types of mangoes.


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