Amazing Transformation of Her Heart

Đorgovska mahala, Serbia


Mamudia lives in Đjorgovska mahala. She has a husband and two children, eight and five years old. Her life has changed a lot since she has been part of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) group. She didn't know how to love, forgive and serve to others. In the past, Mamudia was often emotionally unstable, anxious, and depressed. Now she learns from others on how to build mental health. She is able to deal with stress, communicate, and be active in her community. Mamudia now loves and serves others. She cares about her family, health, nutrition, and hygiene. She is a responsible parent and educates her children. Mamudia’s house and yard are clean, her children regularly attend school and kindergarten, and are regularly vaccinated. She is thankful to TCD for all the positive changes in her life.



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