Ana’s New Attitude

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


“My name is Ana, and I’m twelve years old. I’m the daughter of Alise and Sasa. I live in Đorgovska mahala Village with my parents and grandparents. I’m part of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) group, along with my mom and grandma, also. My grandfather and father are musicians, and that’s how they support all of us.


“Earlier, I didn’t obey my parents. I had ugly behavior and I was no different from other children in my mahala. I learned many things from the TCD classes. My mom and grandmother also changed. In our house, there are no more squabbles like before. I help my mom in the kitchen, and I’m maintaining my hygiene, and I keep my brother’s and my room clean. In my mahala, many people have a hard life because of their lack of education. After the TCD teachings, I’m in school regularly, my grades are better, and I want to become a teacher. I’m also teaching my friends to be in school regularly. We are grateful for TCD.”


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