Animal Husbandry Brings Hope

Jatapara Village, India

February was a blessed month for villagers and a milestone for us. With the help of GHNI, we distributed 36 goats to villagers to help them on their way to being self-sustainable and achieve their dream for a better future.

Shiblal and his wife Biti represent one family among those who received hope for their future through the goat farming project. They shared their thankful feelings with teary eyes that their four children are all studying. This family wanted to give their children a good education, but because of limited income, they couldn’t afford it. Now they may hope to send their children to good colleges.

Like this family, there are many families who received so much help with this initiative. The tradition of Santal people is to never save money for their future needs. Instead, they usually take loans from others when they are in need, causing them to be trapped by money lenders. This initiative of animal husbandry will encourage them to save their property in the form of animals, which would be used to meet their needs in the future.

We are very thankful for GHNI and all who raised their hands to help us with their efforts and resources.