Animal Husbandry Jumpstarted

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


Dhoker Jhara Village has made good progress so far. Villagers now know how to maintain good health by growing green vegetables in their kitchen gardens and using them in meals. We have hand pumps for safe drinking water. We had to postpone planting trees since we are not allowed to go out of our homes. So far, all students are coming to school. We have decided to graduate from this village, and so we will do that very soon, too! 


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update

  • Water – No record of water related disease this year. People are drinking water not only after filtering, but some of them have started boiling it as well.
  • Food – People are adding more vegetables to their diet.
  • Income Generation – People are interested in animal husbandry. We have bought goats and pigs for eight people to start a business. Some ladies are selling vegetables and homemade food items in the weekly market.
  • Education – 90% children are going to school, and we have started tutoring classes in the village to improve their education.
  • Wellness – We have been teaching the villagers behavioural lessons. It has been seen, recently, that during arguments, people listen and seek judgement unlike before.


Thank you!  


Babujan Hansda

 TCD Worker