Announcing New Project in Hoogly Village!

Hoogly Village, India

Run to win! That's what the residents of Uttarpara did. Toddlers to grannies, they all participated in the sports day, which was organized among the community of Uttarpara, Hoogly, West Bengal. Partnering with people in the community, Bapi from Hoogly Village took the initiative to conduct a sports day, where he engaged all the people in all kinds of ways.

Around 110 people participated in the sports day. Children, youths, women, men, and even the elderly were thrilled to be a part of this unique and first time initiative. At the end, more than 45 prizes were given away, along with some consolation prizes.

The main goal of organizing this sports event was to introduce ourselves to the community. Already a part of it, it was very important for Bapi to make himself known in order to begin the project. Also, the day was to offer the people a relaxed time of fun with one another.

As a result of this initiative, many new contacts were made. Some new people have been getting involved after meeting Bapi at this fun sports event.

Clean and Safe Water

Every year, people of Uttarpara suffer from waterborne diseases. However, 2015 was an exceptional year, due to every family being affected by jaundice. Many were admitted to the hospital in serious condition. Unfortunately, even children were affected by jaundice.

The water, supplied by the municipality, was contaminated with germs and earthworms and yellow in color. Building a bore well was delayed due to the rain disturbance. Laborers could not work every day, and the cemented platform took longer. However, everything was completed, and we are waiting to have the inauguration. The provision for the bore well by GHNI was an absolute blessing to the community, and the people are extremely happy with clean water. We as a community thank GHNI for their great help.

Computer Center

We are excited to share that fifteen children are participating in computer education and they are learning a lot! At present, they are learning how to type in English and in Bengali. They know MS Word, PowerPoint, and recently started Excel. It’s a huge blessing to them! Thank you for your helping these needy kids.

Partner TCD Worker