An Apple a Day

Gem Village, Kenya


Transformational Community Development (TCD) has become one of the most functional and dependable agents of change throughout the Gem community. TCD has aided in monitoring health issues across the community. After GHNI began serving in the Gem community, it became aware that there was a lack of adequate health personnel to monitor health issues among the people.


GHNI networked with the Isiolo county agency resulting in some health personnel being deployed to the Gem community. Those deployed undertook further training with GHNI and other non-governmental organisations. The results of this deployment and training have brought significant change to the community. 


People have been instructed in the importance of personal hygiene. They have been encouraged to monitor children’s health, to assist pregnant women, and to aid lactating mothers. They are now giving children Polio and Trachoma medication, and distributing healthy nuts to malnourished children. All of these actions have helped the community to promote a healthier lifestyle. 


Lobuin is part of TCD and is giving out Trachoma doses to people and this has resulted in helping to halt the advance of the Trachoma disease. Gem people are so thankful to the GHNI family for their continuing assistance in developing the Gem community. 


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader