Applying Lessons Leads to Building a House

Katuwaghat (KW) Village, Nepal



The most important lesson that I have taught the villagers is about COVID-19 at this time. Our community is considered a high-risk zone for COVID-19 because of our border with India. Many villagers have gotten positive COVID-19 results due to people coming from India where the virus is spreading rapidly and is considered uncontrolled. The community is very conscious about this and is trying to be careful to the best of their ability. Teaching Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons and meeting with them regularly is helpful to them. Teaching safety measures for the coronavirus, like hand washing with soap and water, using masks, and keeping social distance, is extremely important at this time. We are encouraging them to follow it. I encourage people to eat fresh food, along with the other safety measures noted, to be safe from the coronavirus. With the help of the TCD teaching, the community has been able to avoid any infections of COVID-19. 


Child Rights and Child Marriage

It was particularly important to teach people about the dangers of child marriage and about child rights in these poor villages because they lack education. Parents don’t want to send their children to school. School-age children have a right to get education and should be sent to school for their education. Therefore, I teach them about the children’s rights to be educated and encourage parents to send their children to school. Unfortunately, people are still practising child marriages at the age of 12-13 years old in this village. It is against the law in Nepal. 


Finding Sources 

The community always looked to GHNI with the hope of getting some resources or Seed Money. We teach and encourage them to get involved in Income Generation work. They raise the question of having no money and say, “We have no resources”. So, I taught them about the resources that the Nepal government can provide to the community. If the community people conduct a committee and apply for grants from the local government for the community development project, it will be provided. So, after I taught people these things, they are now seeking resources from the local government.



The villagers are very conscious about using safe water. They used to drink water from the river, and it was dirty and terribly bad for their health. Now, with the help of another larger NGO, the community has obtained a hand pump and water. They have learnt how to make it usable and safe.


Income Generation

There are many developments and changes in the community regarding Income Generation. Now people are always talking about income work and encouraging each other to be self-sustaining. This month, I have taught people about Income Generation. Many people are getting involved in goat raising and pig farming, and some families are doing micro business shops.


Success Story

In the Katuwaghat Village, the villagers do not own their own land, but they live nearby the river side. They had no hope for the future, no financial savings for the future, and no education for their children. However, they are now developing slowly because of the TCD movement. There are many people finding success in their lives because of TCD. One of them is Chitradevi*. She and her husband Sochai* joined the TCD class. They learnt from the TCD lessons and applied the TCD teaching in their lives. Next, they got Seed Money from GHNI. They worked hard, and they followed the TCD teaching. Now, they can save a little money. Finally, they were successfully able to buy land and build a small house for themselves. They are becoming financially self-sustainable and became an example to the community.


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Chitradevi" and “Sochai” are pseudonyms for the individuals helping with this project.