Arising Hope Spurs Entrepreneurship

Smyrna, Turkey


We have been working with women in Halkapınar for 10 months. They experience the difficulties and beauties of working together. They try to solve their communication problems, acquire new communication skills, and we try to support them in all these stages. The best thing is that their hope is arising. As their hopes for life increase, their self-confidence increases as well. They can't be confident at times but are always open to take risks and grow, and that's great!


The stocking knitting we've done so far is going great. As they do this job, their desire to do new jobs has increased. That's why they have new dreams. They are looking for new business areas. They are eager to have new skills for having a business. They are excited but do not know how to do it. That's why we contacted universities in our city. We are planning a training on entrepreneurship and the business world for these women. At the same time, we plan to work with a psychologist and offer support on issues such as self-confidence and communication skills. It is great to see how hope can transform people’s lives. The women continue to get stronger and we continue to support them in this regard.


Thank you!


Basak Celik

GHNI Partner