Blog: Armenia

Move-In Day is Here!

House of Esther, Armenia

The time for moving in has come, and things have really picked up. Exciting things are happening and there is a lot of transformation taking place. This may seem like something small, but this barn (an old mobile building) is an example of the transformation that is happening at the House of Esther in Spitak, Armenia.

Working Together, Making Ready

House of Esther, Armenia

Our little team left for a week in Spitak to continue work in the House of Esther. We started by painting the entire interior of the building. We have also selected and ordered all the material necessary for the work going forward.

Building a True Refuge

House of Esther, Armenia

We are coordinating our efforts with a partner organization in preparation for the training schedule in March. We are also in the process of establishing a bank account in Armenia to handle future financial transactions for the House of Esther. We need to provide the allocated funds for February through April, so that the partner organization may continue on our schedule for the refugee families and programs.

Building a Home for the Homeless

House of Esther, Armenia

Before winter set in, our team descended upon the House of Esther with several boxes filled with necessary household items, tools, and building materials. The weather was nice and warm, so we worked long hours, with enthusiasm and hope, to finish as much as possible. The construction contractor, his workers, and some local friends were helping us.

Yeva’s Holiday Wish: A Safe Place to Begin Again

By, Annakarina Rincon

GHNI Leadership Visit House of Esther

House of Esther, Armenia

In early October, we presented the House of Esther at a gathering in Ferney Voltaire, France.  People were interested in helping the Syrian refugee families. We explained that we are getting ready to host refugee families once we finish the basic renovations on the house. A few volunteered their time to visit and help where needed. A few doctors and sociologists may provide counseling and assistance to abused women to speed the healing and recovery process.

Welcome Picnic for Refugee Families

House of Esther, Armenia

Before our opening picnic in August, many final preparations and renovations were accomplished.