The Art of Reproaching People

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt


One of the important topics that we talked about which caused a lot of discussion is the art of reproaching people.

We taught them what it means to reproach.  We taught them to not accuse people directly of doing something. It's also very important to choose the right timing and to be polite as to not hurt the other person.

A woman said during the lesson that she had a big problem with her neighbour, to the point that they hit and beat and insulted each other. After the lesson, she said that she can't forgive the other woman and can't even bear to see her. We told her to be calm and give her forgiveness.

After a week, this woman came and said in front of the whole group that she got along with her neighbour and that their talk was very calm.

Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update:

  • Income Generation - Sewing Machine Project: We follow up with 30 women on a monthly basis. Hairdressing Project: We follow up with 11 women on a monthly basis.


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GHNI National Field Leader