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Fortifying Roots of Poplar Trees

Recently, I visited our poplar tree project in Yakawlang. The trees are still growing taller, but they currently lack leaves.



Young Artists Draw Crowds

Our exhibitions are excellent and going well in the Garden of Peace and Hope. In recent months, I had good exhibitions that included paintings, theater, handicrafts, and a fashion show with models. One event had to be postponed a week, but it was a wonderful exhibition with so many visitors that it was extended two more days so that all the villagers could visit. The next exhibition was in mid-December. On this day, all the paintings on public display were works by a very young girl who has waited for a long time to be showcased in the Garden of Peace and Hope.


Flooded with Students

Our Women’s Empowerment Centers (WEC) are run very well by our GHNI staff. The girl and boy students continue to regularly come to learn English. Now that the girls and boys are in the class together, they are enthusiastically attending in two class times. Those who are good in English come in first, and then others who are weaker come to the second class. 


Slavery Prevention Update

Dear friends and partners,

Charlie Lamento here, writing to you from Indonesia, where we were invited to conduct an anti-trafficking assessment of the Indonesian legal system with government officials, lawyers,

Project Update: Myanmar Disaster

For the time being, the government has closed off the area in Myanmar where the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) we serve are located. The local leaders do not want aid mistakingly ending up in the wrong hands during this period of instability and violence.

However, we remain in contact with our local TCD committee and are monitoring the situation. When access is restored, we will be there to help those in need.

Modernizing Threshing

Dreams of Becoming a Doctor

“My name is **Kalpani and I am eight years old. I study in the fourth grade. My parents work on the estate as laborers. I have two older brothers who go to school. After school, they do odd jobs to earn money for our monthly family expenditures. When I see my brothers work in the nearby fields, I feel sorry for them as they get tired very much. When they get home, they have to do school homework.

Event in Colorado: Learn How to Use TCD

If you are interested in humanitarian or mission work, helping impoverished communities transform themselves from hopeless to prosperous...

Then join us at the Transformational Community Development (TCD) Training, Jan. 25-27, 2019 in Colorado Springs!

TCD is a low cost, low tech model to train poor villages to become hope-filled, self-sustaining villages.

TCD is a method of development that teaches a community to:

Motivated to Learn

This past month, the women and children groups were more interested in learning about personal hygiene. Even to open places without shelter, they come ready to learn about new things. Their health status seemed to be improving when we met with them outside. They are also more obedient and helpful.


Helping Children from All Religious Backgrounds

When we added additional free tutoring classes for the schoolchildren, they improved in their studies. Now student numbers have increased up to around 30-40 students every day. These tutoring classes are not only open to certain schools but also for students from all religious backgrounds like Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian. Most children come from families whose parents work in the factory industry or are jobless and can't pay the teacher.