Blog: Asia

Cultivating Year-round Crops

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

This month we spent time teaching the villagers about saving money to invest in their crops. Since all the villagers were busy in their rice fields, only part of the committee met to discuss our next steps.

Rains Bring Better Crops and Fishing

Jatapara Village, India

July is the month when major seasonal crops like rice are grown throughout the country. Since it rained sufficiently this year for a long time, almost all the villagers are busy in their crop fields. We took this opportunity to give them knowledge and ideas about cropping, besides their traditional cropping techniques.

A Sunny Solution in the Hunt for Fuel

A Typical Scene:

Sunrise, and clots of clouds scud over the sere Afghani landscape as figures - mostly women, children, and a few old men leading donkeys - trek a dusty distance to dig dry scrub for fire fuel. The bundles are heavy and scratchy on their backs and often obscure the bodies of the smallest, youngest human beasts of burden. It is a long, exhaustive, dangerous (think assault, rape, and kidnapping) duty for the most vulnerable ...

Solar Cookers Transform a Province


GHNI distributed hundreds of solar cookers in Yakawlang District in Bamyan province and district neighborhoods in the last few years. Solar cookers have had a good impact on the life of these people who never knew about solar cookers.

After our solar cooker distributions in Yakawlang , some people learned about them and took initiative to make the solar cookers and sell them to the local people. Soon, many more businessmen and other NGOs started to supply solar cookers in different parts of Afghanistan.

Learning to Pursue New Resources

*U Village, Sri Lanka

Persistent efforts of the committee in informing the villagers of the importance of Transformational Community Development (TCD) training has finally paid off. Continuous reminders of the TCD meeting resulted in many villagers attending. When we arrived, we were happy to see them awaiting our arrival.

Poplar Tree Success Impacts Village

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

The trees in the Valley of Ali look very beautiful in summer. Our staff members and local farmers taking care of the trees irrigate and give fertilizer every year in June.

Finishing Touches Added to New School

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

The school in Sheldon Village will be completed soon. We just came back from an inspection a few days ago, and fortunately I saw that many things have been done. Windows, doors, and glass have been installed, and the company brought a well machine to dig a well just in front of the school.

A Win-Win Partnership

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan

Recently, GHNI entered into an agreement with the National Gallery of Afghanistan. The Ministry of Culture and Information has decided to renovate the Gallery. The repairs became necessary because just a short time ago there were fears that the building was going to collapse, and it was condemned. However, after further inspection, it was determined that the building could be salvaged.

Impacting Lives, Enhancing Income

Vocational Training Program, Jordan

Basilah’s Handmade Accessories

*Basilah is from Mosul, and when she and her family heard echoes of bombing last August, they grew afraid. They immediately left with only their clothes on, hoping to come back to their house. Sadly, that didn’t happen. They fled to Irbil.