Blog: Asia

Tree Cuttings Distributed by the Thousands

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

We visited the Poplar tree project in the Valley of Ali in April. It was the time we planned to be there. Usually, this is the time of year for planting trees. Our staff already cut and distributed 2,500 cuttings there, because many farmers were instructed to get Poplar cuttings.

School Holiday in Sri Lanka

*U Village, Sri Lanka

When we arrived at the tutoring class, the children had happy and smiling faces, but we were not sure as to the reason. We asked the youngest of them what was the reason for your smiling faces. She said it was the Sinhala and Tamil New Year on the 13th and 14th of April. Today, the tutoring class would close for the month of April and reopen in May.

Flourishing Flora in the Garden

Garden of Peace and Hope, Afghanistan

This month, I told Babi to take care of flowers in the garden and keep it clean. Miss Sabera, Director of the National Art Gallery, asked me about the repairing of the water pumps.

This month, *Babi and I worked in the garden together. I told Babi to take care of flowers in the garden and keep it clean.

Desiring to Help Themselves

Thar Yar Kung Village, Myanmar

Due to the nature of our work in the field, it's not always possible to provide a high quality photo. We're happy to provide a current visual of our work despite the quality.

A Tale of Water and Disaster Relief in Nepal

Thirst: the urgent physiological demand to consume a liquid.

Nepal. High-noon sun sparks river water. Yaks graze. Tiny villages cleave to mountain slopes carpeted in forests the color of jade. Somewhere sherpas, wool cap-flaps snugging their ears, hoist backpacks as they ready to herd tourists into an ascent of beckoning pristine peaks.

The Strength of the Farm Cooperative

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village, Indonesia

In Batu Ampara Village, the Vannamei shrimp breeding project has now been implemented seven times, and the farmers appear to have more confidence breeding both Vannamei and Tiger shrimp. Over this past quarter, the shrimp breeding has been successful and farmers have been harvesting good quality shrimp.

Tapping into the Natural Water Supply

Tanakeke-Cambaloe Village, Indonesia

The rainy season in Indonesia typically lasts from December through April. Rainfall intensity during this quarter has been very high, allowing for the rainwater tanks in the community to be full. Households that have tanks are fully benefitting from the improved accessibility to water.

New Skills Celebrated

Sendana Village, Indonesia

Cosmetology Income-Generation Program

Developing Model Examples in Villagers

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

This past quarter, some of the people in Ranga Village took initiative to cultivate various kinds of vegetables.