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Cultivating In-season Crops

Jatapara Village, India

In the villages of Jatapara and Dhoker Jhara, the people are poor because of a lack of ideas regarding making money through their own resources. Most of them used to do a one-time cultivation of rice each year, and the rest of the time they worked as laborers. After raising awareness about their health issues during their weakest growth month of January, we told them to cultivate specific vegetables according to the season. They can sell them in the city or weekly markets to make money.

Exhibit of Opportunity

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan

*Miss Sabera is a woman that works for the National Gallery. She is a very good painter, but when Miss Sabera was selected as the Director of the National Gallery, she kept looking for an opportunity to demonstrate her beautiful paintings.

Micro Loan Program Success

Nallathanniya Village, Sri Lanka

“I am Yagappan, a resident of Nallathanniya Village. I am 59 years old. During my lifetime, many NGOs came to my village, took pictures, collected information, and promised us many things which did not happen. The NGOs did nothing, leaving the villagers with project promises not kept. I thought that it would be the same with GHNI, with the bad experiences we had in the past.

Computer Lessons Brightens Futures

*Bendall Village, Afghanistan

Not just boys but also girls are learning computer skills to help them have a brighter future. Recently 15 new boys and girls started coming to the computer center. For one week I am in Kabul to try to help other staff, answer the letters we received from government administrations, and coordinate with other people and our staff on the site.

Water Taps Fill Sri Lankans with Hope

Sri Lanka is an emerald teardrop of land that shimmers off the southern coast of India, separated from the mainland by the Palk Strait, between the Bay of Bengal to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west. A flyover would show a country of beckoning beaches, mountains, valleys, short rivers and lush farms, suggesting the existence of ample water.

Developing School Building

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

**Amos, the village chief, has four children. Two sons and one daughter are going to a very old and dark house for lessons. Every day they look at the GHNI school building and hope that construction will be finished soon, so they can learn in the new school. Sometimes it only seems like a dream for these kids. Almost every day, Amos checks on the progress of the building and hopes that one day soon his kids and the children of his fellow villagers will be studying there.

Students Excited About Exams

*U Village, Sri Lanka

We arrived at the tutoring class. Ruwani, Nadishani and Erasha came to us and said they were very excited today as they were having their quarterly examination. They said that they have studied in preparation for the examination, but were not sure if the questions they studied would be on the exam.

Renewable Energy for the Poor

Solar Cookers, Afghanistan

Moses is the head of *JBG Village. A very hospitable man, he welcomes us every time we visit. He and other villagers appreciate every decision and development plan that we want to start there.

In addition to solar cookers, our plan is to provide another water project in JBG, and to do health lessons in this village.

Medical Help and Agricultural Training

Due to the nature of our work in the field, it's not always possible to provide a high quality photo. We're happy to provide a current visual of our work despite the quality.

*RT Village and *BT Village, Nepal

This past quarter we focused on RT Village, since the local people in the village requested us to come to this new village.