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Exciting Exhibits in the Works

Garden of Peace and Hope, Afghanistan

Here is an update from *Arness, Director of the Garden of Peace and Hope:

“I am trying to work with the National Gallery of Afghanistan. I am printing the invitation cards for the upcoming exhibition. Still, I don't have a picture, but after the exhibition I will send you all the picture of the International Women’s Day Program. Also, I am seeking to make an exhibit of circus for children.”

Thank you,

An Open Door for Community Transformation

*U Village, Sri Lanka

Due to the nature of our work in the field, it's not always possible to provide a high quality photo. We're happy to provide a current visual of our work despite the quality.

Learning Close to Home

*Bendall Village, Afghanistan

Girls and boys continue to learn computer skills in Bendall. Most of these students were not able to go far away to learn computer skills and pay huge fees. Our computer centre is close to their houses, and their parents are not worry about them because they are in village.

Working through Cold Weather

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

Despite a cold winter, we work toward progress in Sheldon's school. We hope the remainder of the construction will be finished sooner, so that we can celebrate the inauguration with the people from Sheldon.

It will be great progress in Sheldon and neighbouring villages, and solve the problem that they had in the past. Their children were walking three to four hours per day to reach a remote school. They wish to gather in their new school this summer.

Health Screening for Hundreds in Need

*RT Village, Nepal

In this month in RT Village, we had health screening camp as a seed project. 180 school children of Ganesh Primary School were diagnosed in the health screening. Around 220 adults came from the

Spring Prospects

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

We had so much success in Valley of Ali with planting poplar trees. Many farmers learned how to plant poplar trees in their fields and promote tree-planting culture to their District. For the last few years, the local government also demonstrated tree-planting culture to every part of this hidden District, because in the past, people eradicated bushes to burn as fuel for their needs.

Food & Water Aid for Nepali Earthquake Victims

“My children are traumatized by the sight of seeing many of our neighbors killed in the earthquake. Hundreds of our neighbors are camped out in our front yard.”

These are the words of our National Leader, Kiran as we talked on the phone a few minutes ago.

I am sure you are aware the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal two days ago has been followed by over 100 after shocks. In Kathmandu, our leader reports there is no one in the hospitals because they are sleeping in the open air. The roads are blocked; food and water are becoming very rare.

More Equipped to Continue On

Thar Yar Kung Village, Myanmar

Generally speaking, January was a special month for GHNI Myanmar Staff Team. We had the opportunity to attend the GHNI staff conference in Kolkata, India. It was a great chance to learn about our work with the help of wonderful leaders. We really appreciate being able to recently attend the staff conference in India. We learned lots! We did a presentation about our work in Myanmar, as well as learned many things from other staffs.