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A Site Inspiring Thankfulness

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

The colorful school building in Sheldon looks so good when we get to the site. People are thanking always for this precious project.

We hope that the entire work will be finished, soon, so the children can come to use their new school in the new school year that starts in the spring.  It will be a big blessing for the people of Sheldon.

Thank you,

The GHNI Afghanistan Team

Readying for Spring

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

Our trees became a model in Yakawlang District. As we are approaching the spring, we hope that thousands of poplar tree cuttings will be distributed to farmers in that area.

Every springtime when we go there, many farmers are gathering in the tree fields and asking for some cuttings. It shows that they saw the result and trees have a good impact in their villages. They long to get cuttings and plant in their own fields.

Soup’s On!

Solar Cookers, Afghanistan

Hundreds of families are benefiting from the solar cookers in Bamyan Province. They will not get tired, like before, when some were walking long distances to find some bushes for burning.

*Dagwood is one of the people who benefits from his solar cooker. He cooks soup and sells to people in Bamyan City, so that can earn income to feed his family. Before, he had to buy woods and bushes to burn and cook soup. As the fuel price is so expensive in this city, Dagwood was not able to buy those things.

Empowering Women through Slavery Prevention

The reality of poverty doesn’t just mean hunger, young mortality rates, and illiteracy. The reality of poverty means vulnerability to slavery.

Women Gain Influence in the Community

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village, Indonesia

After beginning the Vannamei shrimp-breeding program in Batu Ampara, we have worked with seven individuals from the community who have now seen the benefits of the program. Some of them are continuing on their own, without additional financial support from GHNI.

No Longer Weather-Dependent

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

Villagers are very excited about the Transformational Community Development (TCD) programs. Last month, they got a hand pump, and before that, they received also a bore-well. Additionally, a river water-lifting pipeline is being built for increased cultivation production. Before, they were dependent on weather for cultivating vegetables and crops.  Now they are no longer depend on weather. They are really excited for this!

Overcoming Obstacles

Jatapara Village, India

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is growing in Jatapara Village. Villagers now understand that they can develop their life, society, and village. Through TCD education, many of them are able to see their errors. They are confessing that due to lack of discipline, they are not able to improve their living. Now they understand that through TCD they could get a better living standard.

Women Receive Small Loans, Produce Big Results

In poor communities around the world, cottage industries are frequently vital to providing family income, especially for women with young children.Thanks to the funds from our generous donors, GHNI is able to provide microloans to villagers looking to start their own business and eventually eliminate the need for outside aid. One proud example is 32-year-old Thilagawathy, of Nallathanniya Village in Sri Lanka.