Blog: Asia

Women to Run Shrimp Farming Cooperative

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village, Indonesia

After three years of working with the community towards sustainable development in Batu Ampara Village, we are beginning to see the results of their hard work. One of the income generation projects has been Vanammei shrimp farming and cultivation, in which a couple of farmers have already had successful harvests.

Fancy Stitching

Camba Berua Village, Indonesia

Our cottage industry in Camba Berua Village has taken wings and GHNI has successfully transitioned the leadership of this project to locals. The women in Camba Berua are committed to their sewing program and training.

Rising Stars of Cocoa Farming

Sendana Village, Indonesia

Mr. A’s Cocoa Reputation

It has been less than a year since Mr. A* came back to Sendana Village in order to take care of his father-in-law’s cocoa field. Mr. A was born on another island of Indonesia and came to live in Sendana after he got married. Shortly after his wedding, Mr. A struggled to make adequate income for his family and has had to leave the village several times to look for work.

New Tech Confidence

Jharkhand Computer Institute, India

Two of our graduates would like to express their appreciation:

From Ashish:

TCD Continues to Expand

Jatapara Village, India

Lives have been positively affected through Transformational Community Development (TCD) in Jatapara Village. Since men have to work during  the day, many of them could not attend a TCD meeting and remain in doubt about the success of such programs, but we are still trying to convince them.

TCD Catches on as Lives Are Changed!

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

As we were expecting, more people are excited about our Transformational Community Development (TCD) program. In Dhokar Jhara Village, Ranga and Hempur were like many who had negative thoughts about the potential success of TCD. They are now convinced they can change their situation through this program.  

Challenges Don’t Halt Transformation

A Haven of Beauty & Culture

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan

Newfound Skill for Eager Students

*Bendall Village, Afghanistan

The computer center in Bendall is the most valuable institution in this area. Dozens of girls and boys are using the center at this time. These students had never seen a computer before, and now they have learned many computer skills, which help them to find a job and start a business.

Not Far from Home

Solar cookers have become a good investment for the people living in the district where we are working. They had so much difficulty in boiling water and cooking food and were used to going far away to the mountains to pick up bushes and wood for fuel.

It is very difficult for these people to buy wood, gas, and coal, because they are poor. Solar cookers make life easier for the women who use them daily for making bread, boiling water for tea, and cooking meals.

Healthy Prospects

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

Our poplar tree project is a masterpiece in the Valley of Ali, and recently we visited. Leaves are falling and the trees have grown in comparison to previous years, because we had plenty of water this year.

Many people didn't know about this kind of tree, and now have been inspired to plant hybrids on their own land. Year after year, we see the applicants for poplar cuttings increasing because they have seen the results and how these trees are suited for this cold climate.