Blog: Asia

Dreams Materializing

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

Day after day, Sheldon Village residents are becoming more hopeful about their nearly completed new school. It was a dream for these villagers to have a school closer to their homes.  

Workers have painted the inside and outside walls. We hope the doors and windows will be installed before winter, and that the desks and chairs arrive from Kabul before the pass is closed. If this happens, the students will be able to start in the year ahead.

Making a Difference Where They Live

BT Village*, Nepal

After receiving training in slavery prevention and community health, participants immediately started working against trafficking in their community. Some of the trainees live near the Indian border and taught in the village of Ban (India) about child trafficking.  

Students Overcome Obstacles

*U Village, Sri Lanka

I Love English, Now!

“My name is Mithrilingum and I have three sisters. Both my parents work for the estate as tea pluckers. I am very weak in the English language and always wanted my parents to send me to a tutoring English class. As my family is large, my parents were unable to send me to a tutoring class. As it cost lots of money, my parents can’t afford it.

Business is On the Rise

Nallathanniya Village, Sri Lanka

Loans are paid on time by many. One lady, who received her second loan, is one story of success:

Help from Hawaii

Rimba, GHNI project manager in Indonesia, shares of the excitement of a recent visit from a team of volunteers from Hawaii. His stories go to show how a little encouragement can make a huge difference in the lives of rural villagers pulling themselves out of poverty!

Students Come from Far and Wide

Students overwhelmed by the opportunity to learn how to use a computer share their experiences with Jitendra, Manager of the Jharkhand Computer Institute. His update on the center will certainly cause you to think differently about technology!


Jharkhand Computer Institute, India

Anand speaks about his new skill:

Learning, Even without a Roof

*U Village, Sri Lanka

It was a bumpy, bouncy journey on a make-do road to the math class location. A certain section of the roadway had washed away due to the prevailing rains. They say it is only one kilometer to the tutoring class (about 2/3 mile) - we think it is more. We traveled in a three-wheeler, negotiating potholes and mud stretches. If it rains, the only shelter for the children is the rubber trees. One must be careful of robbers, as this journey is through a rubber estate with few houses on the way.

From Humble Beginnings to Family Prosperity

Nallathanniya Village, Sri Lanka

J. Veronika, resident of Nallathanniya Village, would like to share her story of hope with you:

“I am married, having one child. My husband is the breadwinner of the family. In the past, we faced serious difficulties from lack of work on the estate due to bad weather. It was my desire to run a market to support the family, and although there was a place available, I had no funds to start up the market.