Blog: Asia

Insurmountable Task Completed through Working Together

*BT Village, Nepal

We had a field visit to BT Village, where we’ve started Transformational Community Development, and worked on wells. People told us they couldn’t complete the work because of the rainy season. When the dry season comes, they start work.

One of the wells was open and seemed very dangerous. It was deep and collapsed because it was hand dug and the technician was scared to go inside to finish it.

Preventing Slavery at the Source

*BT Village, Nepal

GHNI-Nepal completed a three-day training session on Slavery Prevention and Community Health Education, in September in Dhangadhi, far western Nepal.

Hens for Hope

Thar Yar Kung Village, Myanmar

Village widows are now raising hens to help earn a living.

One old grandma says, “I am very happy that I have a source to make money by taking care of these hens. I believe that it will be easier to make money for my grandchildren and myself.” She adds, “Also, I will be able to produce more chickens.”

Afghanistan Solar Success

This incredible story of our fight to get solar cookers to families living in extreme poverty in Afghanistan will surely take you through a full range of emotions as Jeff Latsa details his recent journey.


*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

It’s been a long time coming.

Hope Remains after a Meager Harvest

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village, Indonesia

After spending more than two months breeding shrimp, Daeng Tinri harvested his shrimp in early September with help from a team of volunteers from Hawaii. He harvested 100 kilograms (220 lbs) of shrimp, a meager harvest partially due to low water levels, not enough circulation, and high temperatures—factors related to the dry season.

Indonesia’s National Cocoa Day

Sendana Village, Indonesia

At the present period where globalization is a reality, it is hard to think of what is people’s life in remote areas like Sendana Village, where the Internet or cell phone signals are not available. It is also difficult to appreciate the amount of information and knowledge we learn in the modern world, even without realizing it.

Education Program Returns

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

I resumed the educational program in all three villages in Dhoker Jhara cluster. I have also encouraged many people to begin income generation projects. They want to raise goats for additional income.    

We had to close the education project due to financial reasons, but now we have resumed it. All the children are very happy that they are now given additional tutoring for study. Parents are also happy about this.    


Seeds of Hope

Jatapara Village, India

Chandmuni is a young woman who is very happy about Transformational Community Development (TCD) in her village of Jatapara. She is now taking initiative to teach others about the importance of TCD. She is helping other village women of Jatapara to learn about nutritious food. Through her perseverance, they have decided to do a kitchen garden in the dry season, also.

New Smiles Emerge from the Rubble

Sichuan Village Cluster, China

In May 2008, one of the worst earthquakes in China’s recorded history killed 90,000 people and displaced over five million. In one of the hardest hit valleys, one city lost over half its population in three minutes when the mountains slid down and buried whole neighbourhoods. This city now stands buried in rubble as a memorial, and a replacement city has been built by the government about forty-five minutes away.  

Better Health and Healthy Crops

*Q Village, Afghanistan

Clean drinking water and health education are improving the quality of life in Q Village.