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When Harvesting is Done, Students Return to Class

*Bendall Village, Afghanistan

So far, 50 students have benefited from our computer centre, 25 of who received certificates by learning computer programs and skills.

Family Feud Resolved through Shrimp Ponds

Can a humble shellfish help heal a nearly broken relationship? It did that and more for feuding brothers-in-law in one struggling village! Rimba, Field Leader in Indonesia, tells us how these villagers are uniting to transform their community despite any challenge which might get in their way.

Help & Hope to the Hidden & Hurting in Myanmar

Over the past 12 months, Global Hope Network International (GHNI) has had the remarkable opportunity of training different villages in Transformational Community Development (TCD) in Sittwe, Rakhine State, Myanmar.

Learning to Love School

Sometimes all it takes is the right teacher to set a child on the path not just to learning, but enjoying the process. From *U Village in Sri Lanka, a story of one girl’s journey from “backward” to “clever” and how a special tutor is helping to fuel her dream.


U Village, Sri Lanka

**Marine writes:

Empowering Girls

Protecting the young and vulnerable is an issue that knows no cultural boundaries. All over the world, even in the most developed countries, sex and labor trafficking demeans and endangers–sometimes even kills–hundreds of thousands. Our team in BT Village*, Nepal, is teaching girls to be on their guard through a brief but vital series of questions through Transformational Community Development (TCD).


Bringing in the Harvest

Jatapara Village, India

For villagers in Jatapara Village, summer marks the season which will foretell whether their children’s stomachs will be full or empty. Busy with planting rice, and sometimes corn in higher elevations, mothers and fathers give every ounce of their energy to their work. This is their only source of income for the year; their only chance to provide their children with proper nourishment for success in school...for a chance at life.

Primary School Becoming Family Priority

U Village, Sri Lanka

Naomi, a 7-year old girl living in rural Sri Lanka, loves school! She rushes to the GHNI sponsored after-school program in *U Village, even though it’s a tough uphill climb. Naomi enjoys reading and learning English. However, many children in Sri Lanka, especially those impoverished in rural villages, must drop out of school at a very young age. Families need every member’s help to bring in income, so school is not a priority.

Out of the Rubble Comes Hope

Sichuan Village Cluster, China

GHNI leaders in China are excited to announce that they’ve officially accepted an invitation by villagers in the Sichuan Province to begin transformational development in not just one village, but a whole cluster of villages!

Farmers Unite in “Kerja Bakti”

We all know that three strands braided together are stronger than one strand by itself. Paul, GHNI National Leader in Indonesia shares how these farmers prove that strength is in numbers.