Blog: Asia

The Joys of Electricity!

Villagers have been working really hard to pool their resources to bring electricity to their village. GHNI’s National Leader for Myanmar, Solomon, invites you to join in on their celebration of this completed project.

Thar Yar Kung Village, Myanmar

“So far this year, we are in the process of helping with the electricity project committee in the village.

School for Local Children Nears Completion

A few years ago collecting clean water was and arduous journey for the girls and women of Sheldon Village. Since they installed piping from a mountain spring into their village, they have plenty of water and their girls have time to go to school! The team in Afghanistan are please to share how the villagers are working hard, alongside the government, to start a school here, too.

Well Ends More than Thirst

BT Village, Nepal

Do you have a daughter? A mother? A sister? A wife? A close female friend? I imagine everyone can answer “yes” to at least one of those questions. The people of *BT Village, Nepal can also answer, “yes…” or maybe the answer is, “I used to.”

Earthquake Relief in Yunnan, China

Saturday, August 2, 2014, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake rocked China's Yunnan province. Global Hope Network International announced immediate response to the disaster and was ready to move as soon as roads were cleared. GHNI will bring immediate relief needs to those furthest from major populations, allowing others, including China's Army and Medical teams, to work with the largest population.

Mountain Water Saves Lives

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

More than two years ago villagers in Sheldon Village had two choices; use the dirty melted snow from the same ditch where animals drank and defecated or walk for two hours up the mountainous valley to get clean spring water. Neither of these options seem very appealing, do they?

Villagers Excited for Expansion

GHNI leaders in Afghanistan reveal plans for expansion from one village where Transformational Community Development (TCD) has proven a success.

Primary School Children Dream Big

*U Village, Sri Lanka

Naomi, a 7-year old girl living in rural Sri Lanka, loves school! She rushes to the GHNI sponsored after-school program in *U Village, even though it’s a tough uphill climb. Naomi enjoys reading and learning English. However, many children in Sri Lanka, especially those impoverished in rural villages, must drop out of school at a very young age.  Families need every member’s help to bring in income, so school is not a priority.

Progress Elicits Smiles

After digging a well in their village for drinking, cooking, and washing, these Nepalese villagers are now looking forward to irrigating their crops. David, a GHNI leader, shares about the trials and triumphs of this project.