Blog: Asia

New Manager Plans Exhibition

With a new manager running the show, GHNI-Afghanistan is looking forward to new things in store for this community sanctuary. GHNI leaders share the newest happenings:


Garden of Hope and Peace, Afghanistan

“The new Manager of the Garden of Peace and Hope has successfully completed his first month with GHNI. We are pleased with him and the work he has been doing. He has had a busy month learning the work and planning an exhibition that will take place in February.

Slavery Prevention Class

As lessons begin in BT Village and the community embraces the challenge of becoming self-sustainable through GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD), women gather for lessons on how to avoid getting trapped into slavery. Here’s an encouraging update from Nepal’s Slavery Prevention Trainer:

Catalytic Partnerships in China

Our efforts in China have been some of the most challenging in GHNI’s history. As we seek to bring help and hope to some of the most hidden and hurting in the world, the political atmosphere in this great country has posed many obstacles. However, the passion of GHNI and our valued in-country partners continues to ignite the possibilities of making a difference in the lives of those Chinese so desperately in need of a transformed life.

Unity Through Village Projects

Nepal’s National Leader shares an inspiring story of how the community of BT Village came together in the beginning stages of Transformational Community Development. Thanks to Bijay’s initiative, the villagers will continue to unite.

Village Clusters in Central Asia

Afghanistan, Pakistan, & Tajikistan

Global Hope Network International was birthed through a pilot project to refugee camps in Afghanistan in 1999. As we continue to work in many areas of Afghanistan, we’ve expanded into many other regions of the world. One notable lesson we have learned along the way is the value of working in Village Clusters.

The Story of Cash

Catching the vision, a Sendana villager has not only improved his cocoa farm but encouraged his neighbors in their methods. GHNI-Indonesia shares the story:

Sendana, Indonesia

“Cash is a young man from Sendana. Like each man in the village, he got married early – he is 24 years old now – and started working on the field at a young age. When his father died two years ago, he inherited a cocoa field in bad condition: old and sick trees.  He had a lack of knowledge on caring for cocoa trees.

Women Empowered in Nepal

BT Village*, Nepal

Visiting women every Friday and Saturday in a small village in rural Nepal, our village trainer, David, is hopeful for transformation.

“I have translated some slavery prevention lesson for them. I gave Transformational Community Development (TCD) lesson on slavery. I taught about the importance on women in the community, why and how to respect women, and what is the role of women in the community.”

English, Math, and Science Change Lives!

GHNI-Indonesia recently shared this story about how understanding the value of education can change lives one family at a time:

Camba Berua Village, Indonesia

“For the past 15 months a group of college students has been faithfully teaching a group of 20+ kids every week in many subjects such as English, math, & science but, most importantly, just hanging out with the kids.

Computer Center Inaugurated

After long awaiting resources to begin a computer center in Bendall, GHNI-Afghanistan celebrated in its recent inauguration. Aiding in developing a self-sustaining community, the center will provide an educational opportunity otherwise inaccessible to students which will aid in attaining good jobs in the future.

Bendall Village, Afghanistan

“This month was a month for celebration in Bendall, as funding for the long-awaited Computer Center arrived!

Can Dolly Achieve Her Dreams?

Living in a western society, many children have dreams and the opportunity to make those dreams a reality. The GHNI India team shares the harsh reality of dream fulfilment in the government-run village school in Dhoker Jhara.