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Boys and Girls Inspired to Learn

Women’s Empowerment Centers, Afghanistan


In November, the English class in the Women’s Empowerment Center (WEC) doubled in size because the boys grew interested to join our English class. Now our teacher Layla holds two class times. She tested the boys, and the first class is composed of the boys and girls who are more familiar with English. The second class is held for others who know little English.


Encouraged to Persevere in Good Work

This month was very fruitful and our team has done a great job. The whole team worked hard this month without mistakes. Of course, we had some problems but no big ones. We decided our problem was learning to work together as a team.


Accomplishing Their Vision

Sewing Center

The sewing center students have already learned how to sew clothes, so now they are working on handbags and ladies’ shawls. The trainer is very excited along with students. The trainer shared, “This is what was in my mind to teach the girls. Now they cannot only stitch clothes, but they can also make the other things.”  


Computer Center

What Can $1 a Day Provide?

Global Hope Network is looking for 100 world-changers to commit to giving $1 a day in 2019 to help end extreme poverty in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. If we reach this goal, we will have raised enough funds to cover the costs of Transformational Community Development (TCD) in two villages for an entire year!

Celebrating Children’s Day

We had the pleasure of visiting the students in all three villages where we offer tutoring classes. We asked the children, “What do you remember about the first day of October?” All the children were noisily trying to explain it, so one child was given the opportunity to explain this day at school. She said that they come dressed in colored clothing instead of uniforms as it is a day off from study. It is a day for fun and games and the children are given food.

Equipping Youth for a Better Future

Sewing Center

We’re excited to be a presence in the market now! What happy expressions on girls' faces in our sewing center as they prepare clothes and create embroidery designs on the clothes. The trainer is working to inspire these enthusiastic girls so they can learn lots of designs to make different kind of clothes.


Turning from a Life of Struggle

This month, we focused on our work in the field. Farmers are encouraged and willing to do their best. We had group discussions, taught lessons on family planning, personal health, and hygiene and discussed creating better income by doing small business. We continued with house visits to encourage the farmers.


Lifting Her Economic Status

Martha Rai’s family was typical of those with very poor economic status, but now she does tomato farming. GHNI gave her agricultural training and support to start a farm. She is so curious to learn and benefit from our Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons. Now Martha Rai’s increased income has helped with her family’s expenses and children’s education. Her family members are so happy.  Martha Rai is very thankful to our GHNI team for supporting her, and now she trains other villagers in her community.

Sushil B