Blog: Asia

Disaster Relief for Indonesia

Last month, the Indonesian island of Sulawesi was hit by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami. Many people on the island experienced devastating loss. Over 1,900 lost their lives and another 3,000 were seriously injured. 3,000 schools were damaged, and thousands of people lost their homes.

Gathering Around the Globe

The power of sharing a meal together is universal. All around the world, families and friends gather around the table to reconnect and be nourished. This fall, take a moment for peace and gratitude shared with loved ones.

Before the busy holiday season kicks into full gear, be sure to pause and take time to focus on the things that matter most. To truly connect this fall, we all need to put down our devices and center our gatherings on the people seated right at our own tables.

Enhancing Skill Coursework

Sewing Center

After having practiced cutting and stitching, now sewing students are preparing clothes. They learn embroidery work and different fashion designs to stitch.


Computer Center

In the last month, students learned about Microsoft Office and worked on their assignments. They are still working to cover the Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, and shortcut keys. The teacher is also working hard to cover their course outline.



Thousands of Kilometers for Hope

This month was very hot, difficult, and fruitful. I traveled about 10,000km (about 6,200 miles) in our GHNI car. I visited Yagnob Village twice, and it was a very fruitful trip. Villagers are very open when we talk with them. It’s a big change in their hearts. It was different when we started working in this village to now when we graduated this village. I also worked in a different part of Yagnob. I walked 57km (about 35 miles) with a donkey and two Yagnobians. We walked for about 20 hours. As we walked, we talked about many things. We met different people and talked with them.

Convinced by Good Results

**Salmee is an uneducated woman residing in Dangraha Village. She has five children. When we started our Transformation Community Development (TCD) class, both her husband and she rejected it. I went to their house many times and followed up. When they observed the changing lifestyle of women in the TCD group, they realized that it is good. Salmee and her husband discussed it with each other and invited me to their house to let me know they want to join our TCD class and learn many things.

Conducive Learning Environment

GHNI-Nepal provides free tutoring classes for children who are academically weak and are from economically poor families. We are hoping to further enhance the children’s environment so that they can focus better while studying. The children are improving with their studies. We could easily see the correlation developed between their learning environment and their studies. The students respect and love their teachers. This has shown good progress. When we pay a visit, schoolchildren come around us and speak respectfully.

Model Village Earns Special Recognition

In this month’s report, I would like to highlight the visit of the Township Rural Development Department to our Transformational Community Development (TCD) village. The purpose of their visit was to observe the progress the community initiated themselves and to collect information in order to recognize them as the “trash-free village” in Rakhine State. The Township Rural Development Department had heard the good news about Myat Hlae Village from among more than 300 villages in its township.

Celebrating their Teacher

Hoogly Village, India


Today I would like to share with you regarding our computer center. Last month, a few of our children celebrated Teacher’s Day in our computer center. The name of our teacher is *Aarav. He is very willing to serve the children, so the children decided to surprise Aarav. I am very glad that the children are doing so well with their computer courses.