Blog: Asia

Elevating Quality of Life

Jatapara Village, India


In the small nearby village of Jhopa, people are planting vegetables to add healthy nutrients into their meal. A woman named *Priscilla showed us a new way to grow a big and tasty pumpkin. Before, she used to sow and harvest in just one place; but now, she first sows the seed in a very wet area and, when the small plant comes up, she replants it with soil in a place where it should continue to grow. In this way, tasty and big pumpkins can be harvested.


Increasing Income Opportunities

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


In the month of August, a man named *Manvay said he would challenge himself to earn more than 1,500 rupees per month (about $210). So, he built a saloon (barber shop) beside the road. During the month of July, after he finished with his field work, he started concentrating on his saloon. He will run it full time after he makes his saloon look good.

Helping Where We Are Able

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


In August, we were unable to hold an exhibition due to an unfortunate happening related to a recent exhibit on the west of Kabul. One of the artists, who had planned to participate in the exhibition, had a relative killed in an accident. Also, some artists who participated in our exhibitions last year had their gallery close, recently.


October 11 is International Day of Girls

Global Hope Network's mission to bring help and hope to the hidden and hurting. In many places around the world, the hidden and hurting are women and girls. It is common to see vast disparities in men and women's access to resources and sources of income, which can make it even more difficult for women to get out of poverty.


What's for Dinner?

Do you have plans for dinner tonight? Chances are, the only part of you plan that hasn't been settled is what you'll be eating — but you don't need to be concerned about whether you'll be eating at all. 


For many people around the world, the main question is the opposite. They might not know whether they'll be able to eat tonight.


Effective Drainage