Aspects of Life

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


This month we planned to cover three aspects of life during our project. We presented a subject on the social aspect about stealing, under the slogan, "Don't Steal. I Will Not Steal.” We also taught them on the moral aspect about talking kindly and its impact on others. On the psychological aspect, we worked with painting and colouring, under the slogan "I Am Able To.” We held two occasions for fun and games, and we distributed sweets, biscuits, fruits, and breakfast during those times.

After taking the lesson on talking kindly, most of kids taught their parents and their families the ideas that they learned. We are planning to present these subjects: Honesty, Helping Others, Being Thankful, and Respiratory Infection. These will be taught in both the Arabic and English languages.

We would like you to partner with us concerning these areas:

·       For a child named Moustafa, who needs a hernia operation in his left testes

·       For the development of children in the aspects of health, psychological, social, and moral

·       Success for children at school


One of the ladies that regularly attends our lessons told us that her daughter was to marry at age 14. The woman was convinced that the most important thing for girls is marriage, but after she heard about the damage of early marriage on reproductive health, she decided to stop the marriage. She spoke with the girl's father and her uncle to convince them about stopping this marriage at this age.

We have the chance to present essential lessons about:

·       Violence against women

·       The dangers of smoking

·       Why do we need to forgive?

·       Reproductive health

We are planning to present these lessons and events:

·       Breast disease

·       The importance of change

·       Facing problems

·       Concert on Mother's Day

·       Distribute a present to each woman



GHNI National Field Leader, Egypt