In the Bag

Gem Village, Kenya


Gem Village has improved immensely since they have seen the hard work that Global Hope Network International is doing in the community. Enthusiasm among the villagers regarding Transformation Community Development (TCD) is now growing after the successful completion of all the projects that have been conducted by GHNI. Their interest in learning and engaging in community projects is encouraging.


The Gem community has now been taught how to do sack farming by GHNI. We noticed there is a shortage of water for farming and most of the villagers never engaged in farming on any scale. Most of them lived in plot sections, so GHNI, with agricultural development programmes, taught the Gem community how to farm from sacks and minimise water usage in homes.


After the villagers acquired the skills, they were very happy, and they put into practice whatever they were taught and it was successful. Monica is one of the farmers who tried sack farming and it has worked well. This has reduced costs in her household and she also earns from the small farm by selling her surplus produce. This has helped her eat a balanced diet and earn a living. She is really thankful to Global Hope Network International for the support! 


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader