Bandit to Breadwinner

Alishow Village, Ethiopia

In his former life, Ali used to make a living from contraband.  Every day, his work and his life was at risk. Even when he was working, sometimes he would leave his family for more than a month. When he would return, his family was waiting for him to supply money for living expenses. More often than not, he would return home empty handed. All this changed when Ali got involved in Transformational Community Development (TCD).

Ali is a very strong man and is always in his field taking care of his plants. Since he joined the TCD group, he is a very active person trying to make his life sustainable. The group members also give witness to Ali for his strong work. Beside his work in the community farm, he already started his own farm where he produces different vegetables. Besides the possibility of going to prison, being unable to provide for his family in times past was heart breaking. Now he has learned a better way of making a living. More importantly, he is living with his family and can earn enough to guarantee enough money to meet all of their needs.

Now that we have a firm footing in agriculture, the next plan is working with the education committee and wellness committee to build new latrines in 35 households.



GHNI TCD Worker, Alishow, Ethiopia