Basket Skills Produce Income

Ramantar Village, Nepal


Ramantar Village is still locked down. Public gatherings and programmes in the community are not allowed because of COVID-19. We are happy to be safe, teach, and support people. I met with them personally and continued to teach the safety measures for COVID-19. The villagers are very much aware of using masks, sanitiser, and keeping distances with other people. It has helped to minimise the risk to their family and the community. 


Because of COVID-19, many villagers lost their job and income sources. This is why they are interested in doing something which can help them. I encourage them to use their skills and to be involved in Income Generation activities. Chepangs are smart in making baskets and other local bamboo products which are useful. Goat keeping is very good and there is good income also. We shared about goat keeping, housing, feeding, green pasture, and selection of breed. The villagers are very happy and encouraged by this teaching.


This month, I continued to teach on personal Healthcare and maintaining safety measures. Using a mask, hand washing and keeping distance will help them a lot to be safe. As the villagers are suffering from lack of food, I requested my friends and others to give food to needy people. They helped with some rice and other necessary items and distributed them to 20 families of this village. This is the rainy season and I taught them to boil or filter water and use it for drinking.


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Sreva" is a pseudonym for the individual helping with this project.