Bazaar Bonuses

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


A child named Naema, who is 13 years old, told us, “I need to thank you because you taught me how to help my mom. I was beating my brothers and sisters and I didn’t listen to my mom’s words, so she hit me. But after I listened to the lesson, I learned so many things and I stopped hitting my brothers and sisters. My life became happier and I started to help my mom in our home. Before my mom comes back from her work, I wash the dishes and the clothes. I’m happy I learned good lessons from you that changed my life for the better."


Back to School Project


Through the process of helping and supporting families and helping to keep their children in school, we decided to hold a bazaar with inexpensive school supplies. The bazaar included bags, shoes, notebooks, pencils and other supplies. The bazaar benefited 500 families and many of them thanked us for holding the event.


Joumana’s mom found the same bag that we sold for 100 pounds (about $5.50) for 185 pounds (about $10.50) in the local store. Mariam’s mum thanked us after she bought five pairs of shoes because she can’t really afford to buy a lot of these in the stores because shoes and bags are very expensive. She also bought pencils and notebooks, which were less than half of the original price.  


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


The women saw that the prices at the bazaar were lower than wholesale. With the high prices and poor financial condition in Egypt, women cannot afford to buy school supplies at the mall or at stores. The bazaar showed the women we are here to help them afford the items they need. One lady, Heba, has four children and their financial situation is very hard. She thanked us for the bazaar because she was able to buy shoes for herself and lots of notebooks and supplies for her daughter.


GHNI National Field Leader