Beekeeping is a Good Income Source

Chainpur Village, Nepal


Some Transformational Community Development (TCD) members had the opportunity to participate in a beekeeping training and grant programme, which was supported by the local government. Leaders from Chainapur, Luina, and Ramantar participated in the training. One of our TCD members started beekeeping in Chainapur Village for the first time. 


In April, we taught Income Generation lessons and programmes. We distributed Seed Money to the new Income Generation group which has five members. Income Generation is a major thing for family sustainability. After the COVID-19 sufferings, many village members' financial status went down, so we thought about how to generate village people's income through local sources. Last month, we formed this Income Generation team, and after all the teaching and lessons on Income Generation, we were able to give them Seed Money. They are very happy, positive, and have started Income Generation work. As TCD staff, I helped them make houses for goats, hens, etc. 


We started gathering children in one place to teach them good study methods, help them understand their books, and give them coaching. I also attended school with them and assisted them in getting to school. I met the parents of the students whose studies and education were weak. I encouraged the parents to send their children to school regularly. I taught parents not to discriminate between their sons and daughters. We work continuously to improve quality education for the children of the village. 


Success Story of Alina*

Alina lives in Chainapur Ailerang Village in the Makawanpur district of Nepal. She has a husband and two children. She is one of TCD's most active members since TCD started. Before TCD started, her family status was not good. They had no family income source. Through the TCD programme, she learnt how to become self-sustaining and Generate Income. Alina started keeping hens and, with the help of TCD Seed Money, she also kept buffalo. She made a good profit by selling that buffalo, and now she has two baby buffalos to raise. In this way, she generates her family income source because of the TCD programme. Now it is easy to manage their family expenses. Alina  wants to give thanks to GHNI for their success. T


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Alina" is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.